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Zhou Simba Qiang

Committee member

Zhou Simba Qiang

Nature Guardian Wildlife Conservation Center

Current affiliations

Simba, also known as Mr. Zhuo Qiang, is a Chinese wildlife conservationist with a current focus on Africa. He is the founder of the Mara Conservation Fund and the Nature Guardian Wildlife Conservation Center. Additionally, he is the co-publisher of the Chinese edition of "Swara Magazine." Simba authored the well-received book "Living with Lions in Africa" and serves as a consultant for the live broadcast "The Greatest Migration in East Africa" on China Central TV Channel. He is also featured in the documentary "Lion Heart" on the History Channel and as a Chinese Explorer for National Geographic. Being the first Chinese conservationist dedicated to African wildlife conservation, he has spent nine years living among lions in Masai Mara, Kenya. His groundbreaking work has motivated numerous Chinese individuals to take an interest in wildlife conservation in Africa. Simba's future plans involve leveraging his field experience and expertise to advance conservation efforts in China through the Centre. He is at the forefront of implementing conservation models and educational initiatives for the benefit of conservation and the public, as well as training professional conservation managers.

Recent publications

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