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Li Baoguo


Li Baoguo

Vice President of the Xi'an Branch of the Chinese Academy of Science

Current affiliations

Since the early 1980s, Professor Li has dedicated himself to primate ecology, behavior, evolution, conservation, and environmental protection in China. His work has led to the publication of over 100 journal articles, establishing him as a renowned primatologist and conservationist both domestically and globally.

Currently, he holds the position of President of the China Primatological Society, serves as a Committee Member of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group, Vice-President of the Chinese Society of Zoology, and is part of the Editorial Boards of Primates, Current Zoology, and Integrative Zoology. His involvement in the administration and management of China's scientific endeavors, animal conservation, and educational development is extensive, demonstrated through his roles as Dean of the College of Life Sciences at Northwest University and Vice President of the Xi'an Branch of the Chinese Academy of Science.

Recent publications

  • Xiaoguang Qi, Cyril C. Grueter, Gu Fang, Pengzhen Huang, Jing Zhang, Yanmei Duan, Zhipang Huang, Paul A. Garber, Baoguo Li. 2020 Multilevel societies facilitate infanticide avoidance through increased extrapair matings. Animal Behaviour, 161: 127-137. doi: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2019.12.014.

  • Weiwei Fu, Xiaowei Wang, Chengliang Wang, Haitao Zhao, Yi Ren, Baoguo Li. 2019 Effects of age, sex and manual task on hand preference in wild Rhinopithecus roxellana. Zoological Research, 40: 129-138.

  • He Zhang, Simeng Zhang, Mingli Fu, Hongli Chang, Gang He, Rong Hou, Ruliang Pan, Baoguo Li, Songtao Guo. 2019 Habitat manipulation preferred by Eld’s Deer in Hainan Island, China. Journal for Nature Conservation. 48: 21-26.

  • Gang He, Haitao Yang, Ruliang Pan, Yewen Sun, Pengbin Zheng, Jinghua Wang, Xuelin Jin, Jingjie Zhang, Baoguo Li, Songtao Guo. 2020 Using unmanned aerial vehicle with thermal-image acquisition camera for animal survey: a case study on the Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys in Mt. Qinling. Integrative Zoology, 15(1): 79-86. doi: 10.1111/1749-4877.12410.

  • Lu Wang, Jinwei Wu, Xiaomei Liu, Dandan Di, Yuhong Liang, Yifei Feng, Suyun Zhang, Baoguo Li, Xiaoguang Qi. 2019 A high-quality genome assembly for the endangered golden snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana). GigaScience, 8. doi: 10.1093/gigascience/giz098.

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